Friday, April 17, 2009

Drizzy Invades New York

Drake Drizzy Rogers
New York's Hot 97 Radio Station 
Today and Jus Shut It Down....

Check out his interview wit Angie Martinez... here
This is his freestyle wit Funk Master Flex... here

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Call It A ComeBack....

Yes I've Been Gone For A While....
But Jus Follow Me On TWITTER!!!!

Guess Who's Back.... Shady's Back!!!!!

Eminem is BACK motherfuckers!!!!
Voted "The Best Rapper Alive"... 
Two XXL covers...
The Relapse is COMING SOON!!!!


Thursday, April 9, 2009

NEW SHIT!!!!!!

The CDQ version of 
MayBach Music Part 2 
is out!!!
Kanye, Weezy & Ross.....

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

ii own a few...

Like dead ass....
King was there wen ii was dyin...
King was there wen ii was away from home....
ii remember my first King was the LaLa Vasquez issue...
Ms. Sennon took that from me freshman year...
Imma miss KING MAGAZINE....

Jus look @ some of MY classics....

Lauren "New New" London

Vida Guerra

ummmm..... Ms. Milian

ii will tell u her name wen ii finish drooling...

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sunday, April 5, 2009

WE LIVE!!!!!

Celebrity Life @ Chemistry Lounge
was crazy....
Funk Flex Shut It DOWN!!!!



ii got this on bootleg...
but ii still might go see it...

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

She Want That Old Thing Back....

Randy & Aisha
sittin in the TREE
1st Come LOVE.... 
Then comes MARRIAGE....
den come a lil something in the BABY carriage.... 


Birds & Other Wildlife....

I was walking thru Central Park today
and I came across this sign
and thought about a few special someone's.
My boy RB always told me to stop feeding the birds
cuz they will get greedy.

"A pigeon is a girl that be walkin by..."

By the way today was a 

Monday, March 30, 2009

What More Do You Want Me Say....

The next mixtape from Weezy & Juelz...
Waitin for the album... 
I Can't Feel My Face....
All in All alot of new material...
Pretty Decent....
Young Money & Skull Gang....

ps. Shouts to Shayna for the hookup....
Yung Mula Babii!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Clash of the Titans

Tlyer Hansbrough
Blake Griffin

This is the matchup of the century.
 Blake Griffin of the 
Oklahoma State University Sooners 
Tyler Hansbrough of the 
North Carolina State TarHeels.
This is a very anticipated game of the NCAA Tourney.
Since OSU beat Syracuse like babies,
I have no choice but to say

Thursday, March 26, 2009


So today ii went to sleep @ like 6:30 in da morning
and ii didn't wake up til like 4. 
I have absolutly NOTHING to blog about today.
I'm hungry & there is absolutly nothin here to eat
and ii don't wanna cook.
BTW the world is about to fuckin END!!!
Rain 2day then 61 2morrow!!!!

20... Nah She Can't Be....

What More Can ii Say???

Bitches Are Jus Too Funny....

Ugh!!!! You are not worth the are you breath, 
Cathy-Ann Franchesca Badal.
I don't understand why your are digging a 
bigger hole for yourself.
There is only one person that like's ya fat ass...
and that is yourself FAT ASS.
I don't understand why you are mad, 
cuz my babii look better than you,
or is it that we was doin something thing right in your face,
or is it even that my bestiie fucked ya shit up 2 times in
or could it even be that your gonna get ya ass handed to you
two more times before the month is over.
Aisha can't save you no more,
you done played that card.
Your time is UP!!!
I am so upset that I even took the time to write this but 
I jus need to get this out of my system.
If you continue ur gonna make me call immigration
get that ass Deported!!!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is 2009 & it was brought to my attenion that niggas still front about performing cunnilingus. Like dead ass every nigga will eat some pussy one day or another. There is nothing wrong with eating pussy. Im not saying that you should go out and do it to everyone but dont front if its ya girl thats asking for it. If u want ya girl or anygirl for that fact to suck ya dick you betta believe she lookin for something in return. Chicks are jus getting smarter nowadays. But this epidemic is not jus limited to dudes. Females are beginning to front like they don't suck dick & some are even saying that the won't suck dick, like they too good or too pretty for it. The only girl that is too pretty to suck dick is Lauren London, everyone else better open wide and get ready to swallow because SPITTERS R QUITTERS!!!  Imma jus end this wit Lil' Wayne's verse from Cam'ron's song "Suck it or Not". I know all of ya'll know it.

"I get head in the strangest places
2 at the same time, call it changing faces
I tell a bitch "we ain't trading places"
Now stand back and catch my amazing graces (hehehah)
Taste it, savour it
Vanilla Ice Cream, she say "ooh, my favorite"
Do you know who you playin' wit? Wayne
Chillin' like a scarecrow, looking for some brain
Drivin' in the range or flying on a plane
Her head is crazy so she's insane
She know the game
Get in and get right
Every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic
I'm hot like light
I'm tough like Ike
I don't fuck with dog hoes cause them hoes might bite
Yeah, and if she follows
In the back of my mind, I'm hoping she swallows"

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

You Dead Ass!!!!

You see what had happen was I wasn't gonna do THIS to you!!!!
See that girl in the pic that im kissing, well thats
  DEAD & GONE....
If you scroll down just a bit you can view a fight that she is included in...
If your guessing, she is the one getting FUCKED UP!!!
I don't think that my blog is to come at stupid bitches head...
but is my BLOG!!!!
First she gave me HEAD but now she giving me PROMO!!!!
But first lets get this straight...
You are so AGGY cuz I moved on to shorter & better things...
She ain't my bitch & she mof def looks better than you...
If u didn't notice I only used you for your pussy...
I'm not gonna knock it cuz ya pussy was poppin but thats all it was....
Please take ya own advice and do some pushup cuz that Fat-Pack
ain't rockin no more.
My babii got more class & alot more ASS than u prolly will ever have.
So please fall back cuz u already got another ass whoopin' comin
den if im not mistakin one more after that....
ii love my life....


Jim "CapoJones new album Pray VI Reign is straight CRACK!!! 
The first single from the album was "Pop Champagne" & that was an 
Automatic Banger!!! 
when Jim & Juelz Santana jumped on the original Ron Browz track. 
Wit the second single which really defines an album 
"Capo" dropped "NaNaNaNa(We Gettin' Money)"
and at first listen I was kind of skecthy because his flow was
 comin from left field, then I actually was listen to what he 
saying and I was taking away. Even with the return of 
Cam'ron and all the drama surrounding that issue 
Jones was still able to create a GREAT body of work. 
You can also look out for work coming out of the 
Byrdgang & 730 Dips camp.
And also keep a look out for Juelz new album
"Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagan Era)"
& the Juelz & Lil' Wayne collabo album
"I Can't Feel My Face"

I'm On A Boat!!!!!

If this isn't the FUNNIEST shit on the internet ii dont know what is....
I'm On A Boat 
By The Lonely Island Feat. T-Pain....
I've neva heard white people curse so much....
but wit lines like "...fuck trees I climb buoys MOTHERFUCKER..."
How could you not laugh....!!!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Urs Truly...

You see this perfection here...
That is Ren, but u can jus call her Ms. Jones...
ii had to put up a full post cuz 1 line wasn't enuff...
ii read her blog everyday
so should u...
she got me started & this is THANKS....

Boyfriend #2....

She has a man that she "loves"...
ii have a girl but there is something between us...
her kisses are soft and her smile is jus right...
ii dont know if ii should take the title as...
Boyfriend #2....

Prince of FaceBook!!!!

This nigga right here is the fuckin man...
His name is Zechariah but ii jus call him Z.
He is the Prince of FaceBook... 
one of the realest dudes ii no...
Check out his blog Zechariah Da Brooklyn
He got crazy flow jus take a listen here....


This is how the NCAA Men's Bracket is setup as of today. 
Click here to view the full size bracket.


This is the new movement to move with....
Shouts to Shayna for lovin YME jus like me!!!!

Like Dead Ass...

I remember wen it only cost a $1 to get around New York...
Now it is $2 but they want to raise the price to $2.50!!!!
What kind of shit is that... 
Don't they know its a RECESSION out this bitch....


This is jus too funny.
This here is a fight between two girls that jus is too much.
I don't know if I should call it a fight because the light skinned girl
got washed. With quotes like "... you pussy bitch..." & "...pull it some more...".
How could you not laugh...!!!!!

ii love this man.. NO HOMO!!!!!

Drizzy Drake Rogers better known as Drake is a Canadian artist
that is the next best thing. Everyone that isnt familiar with him 
refers to him as "that boy from Degrassi". 
Yes, he is "Wheelchair Jimmy" & yes he can rap among other things.
He has put out two successful mixtape but none better than his last.

<span class=
"So Far Gone" was one the most anticipated mixtapes EVER!!!
It was set to be released on October's Very Own's Blog on Feb. 12
but the it wasn't released until the next day Friday the 13th.
In the span of 24 hours October's Very Own blog was maybe visited 
a million times, and thousands of comments were left ask wat is up
with the mixtape. The wait was worth it.
With 17 tracks that take the listener for a ride, with lines like
" satisfy everyone, I think I might need a clone..." -The Calm
"... I jus seen my ex girl, standing with next girl, standing with 
the girl that I'm fuckin right now..." -Say What's Real
how could you not be fulfilled.

With friends like LeBron James, Chris Bosh & Chris Paul that 
recognize real raw talent
Co-signed by Lil' Wayne & Young Money Ent. doesn't hurt either.

Bloggin is the new thing...

ii fell in love wit Ms. Jones' blog {}
so ii jus decided to create my own so ii can talk about all the 
dumb shit that ii love...
ii no my blog will neva be bigger than October's Very Own...
but wat the hey!!!!