Wednesday, March 25, 2009


It is 2009 & it was brought to my attenion that niggas still front about performing cunnilingus. Like dead ass every nigga will eat some pussy one day or another. There is nothing wrong with eating pussy. Im not saying that you should go out and do it to everyone but dont front if its ya girl thats asking for it. If u want ya girl or anygirl for that fact to suck ya dick you betta believe she lookin for something in return. Chicks are jus getting smarter nowadays. But this epidemic is not jus limited to dudes. Females are beginning to front like they don't suck dick & some are even saying that the won't suck dick, like they too good or too pretty for it. The only girl that is too pretty to suck dick is Lauren London, everyone else better open wide and get ready to swallow because SPITTERS R QUITTERS!!!  Imma jus end this wit Lil' Wayne's verse from Cam'ron's song "Suck it or Not". I know all of ya'll know it.

"I get head in the strangest places
2 at the same time, call it changing faces
I tell a bitch "we ain't trading places"
Now stand back and catch my amazing graces (hehehah)
Taste it, savour it
Vanilla Ice Cream, she say "ooh, my favorite"
Do you know who you playin' wit? Wayne
Chillin' like a scarecrow, looking for some brain
Drivin' in the range or flying on a plane
Her head is crazy so she's insane
She know the game
Get in and get right
Every bitch in the industry wanna rock my mic
I'm hot like light
I'm tough like Ike
I don't fuck with dog hoes cause them hoes might bite
Yeah, and if she follows
In the back of my mind, I'm hoping she swallows"

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