Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Jim "CapoJones new album Pray VI Reign is straight CRACK!!! 
The first single from the album was "Pop Champagne" & that was an 
Automatic Banger!!! 
when Jim & Juelz Santana jumped on the original Ron Browz track. 
Wit the second single which really defines an album 
"Capo" dropped "NaNaNaNa(We Gettin' Money)"
and at first listen I was kind of skecthy because his flow was
 comin from left field, then I actually was listen to what he 
saying and I was taking away. Even with the return of 
Cam'ron and all the drama surrounding that issue 
Jones was still able to create a GREAT body of work. 
You can also look out for work coming out of the 
Byrdgang & 730 Dips camp.
And also keep a look out for Juelz new album
"Born To Lose, Built To Win (The Reagan Era)"
& the Juelz & Lil' Wayne collabo album
"I Can't Feel My Face"

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  1. your man Jones admitted to talking to Cam and clearing the air and catching up smh he's a fraud i swear Crime PAys Next month! Have your cookies and apple juice ready and no fighting either because that diplomatic immunity 3 is coming out so chill KILLA! JONES! FREEKEY! SANTANA! LETS GO!