Monday, March 23, 2009

ii love this man.. NO HOMO!!!!!

Drizzy Drake Rogers better known as Drake is a Canadian artist
that is the next best thing. Everyone that isnt familiar with him 
refers to him as "that boy from Degrassi". 
Yes, he is "Wheelchair Jimmy" & yes he can rap among other things.
He has put out two successful mixtape but none better than his last.

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"So Far Gone" was one the most anticipated mixtapes EVER!!!
It was set to be released on October's Very Own's Blog on Feb. 12
but the it wasn't released until the next day Friday the 13th.
In the span of 24 hours October's Very Own blog was maybe visited 
a million times, and thousands of comments were left ask wat is up
with the mixtape. The wait was worth it.
With 17 tracks that take the listener for a ride, with lines like
" satisfy everyone, I think I might need a clone..." -The Calm
"... I jus seen my ex girl, standing with next girl, standing with 
the girl that I'm fuckin right now..." -Say What's Real
how could you not be fulfilled.

With friends like LeBron James, Chris Bosh & Chris Paul that 
recognize real raw talent
Co-signed by Lil' Wayne & Young Money Ent. doesn't hurt either.

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